A mouth-watering breakfast

Homemade pastries, the perfect way to start your day with sweetness

You can taste the deliciousness of the Hotel Stella d’Oro starting with your breakfast. What could be better than waking up knowing that a delicious breakfast is waiting for you, so that you can start off your day on the right foot.

Every morning, a buffet of fresh pastry, all home-made, will fill your senses with a wonderfully sweet smell. A triumph of freshly baked cookies, cakes filled with the tastiest creams, doughnuts and jam tarts delight your palate along with delicious coffee, milk (both cow and soy), teas and fruit juices. There is also yoghurt with different kinds of cereal and dried fruit, bread, chocolate, butter and jam. And for those who prefer salty food, a vast selection of cold cuts and cheese, to fill up with energy and vitality to get you through your fun-filled day.

Lunches and dinners just like at a restaurant

Masters in choosing wholesome products and in the art of presenting the courses

Giorgio focuses a great deal on choosing the best ingredients especially for you, such as fresh and natural vegetables, first-choice meat and the catch of the day. Every day, at least four meat and fish menus are served at the table, all drawing from the best recipes of Emilia Romagna’s culinary tradition. Fresh pasta is available every day, made by hand as in the past.
Graziella personally supervises the kitchen in order to guarantee each guest perfection at the table. In addition to the menu, a 4-m long buffet is also available, offering tasty appetisers, side dishes and all kinds of vegetables. The buffet has such a wide selection that many guests choose it for their lunch and dinner, nibbling on the many different buffet items.
At the end of the meal, you can always choose from three desserts: sorbets, gelato and lots of seasonal fruit. If you suffer from slight food allergies, just inform our staff, who will do their best to offer you delicious alternatives.

Plenty of inviting breaks at the bar

An excellent espresso, a cappuccino or an aperitif: it is always nice to pamper youself when on holiday

There is a bar right in the hall of the Hotel Stella d’Oro, to offer all the guests a place where to take pleasant breaks. After meals, when coming back from the beach, at the end of a night out on the town, the bar is open for coffee, beers, cocktails and fresh beverages. Located between the hall and the TV room, in front of the glass door that looks onto the terrace, the bar offers table service both indoors and outdoors. Your favourite aperitif will taste even better if you are enjoying it at one of the outdoor tables, while the sea breeze gently caresses your skin and the sunset turns the sky pink. At the Hotel Stella d’Oro, your holiday is even more fun and exciting thanks to theme nights, music and activities, so that you can get to know the other guests and have a good time with them.

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